christine messaris

Born in Sydney to Greek parents from Epirus.

Chris’ first contact with the theatre was in 1977 with Chrisostomos Mandourides of the Hellenic Theatrical Group. 

However, her first foray into acting came in 1982 under the direction of Stavros Economides in “Gallery of Fools”.  She went on to perform various roles with the Hellenic Art Theatre including, “Uncle from Australia” and “Zorba the Greek” amongst others.

Her love of ancient tragedies began as a chorus leader in “Trojan Women” in 1991 and followed on with “Hecuba”, “Antigone”, “Oedipus Rex” and others.

Throughout her years with the theatre she has involved herself in other aspects of theatre including light and sound, make-up and assisting front of house and back stage.



Building 36

142 Addison Rd

Marrickville NSW 2204